Jake Matthews is an ordinary kid doing ordinary things. At least, he was an ordinary kid doing ordinary things until strange supernatural events started happening at his school…

After discovering an old school building is haunted, Jake and his best friends, George and Indie, attempt to take a photo of the ghosts. When they find a group of Ghost Ninjas, they discover that these aren’t fun and friendly ghosts—the ghosts plan to take over the world!

My name is Jett Baguette, and I’m the son of a Time Spy!

I know, I know. That sounds so cool, right? But not really. My Time Spy dad doesn’t really do anything cool. He just travels through time doing boring work stuff; keeping an eye on the fabric of time and space.

Monday started out like any other day–I was hanging out with my friends Tim and Bella, but a time traveler started stealing everything from my town! I tried to tell my dad, but he wouldn’t listen.

So my town was about to be destroyed by a futuristic thief… but not if I could help it!

My name is Blake Turner and I am a normal sixth grade student… or so I thought!

Monday was just another day at school – until a ninja called the Evil Shadow attacked our town!

Nobody can defeat him. So the Evil Shadow is about to destroy everything – but not if I can help it!.

My name is Charlie Chucky and I’m the son of an international super spy. Tuesday started out like any other day—until my school became the target of a zombie attack! I tried to call my Dad, but he wouldn’t answer. So my school is about to be taken over by crazy zombies—but not if I can help it! This story is a funny adventure that is engaging for children, middle school students, and grown-ups.

Danny Evil wants to be the world’s most evil villain. The problem is he is no good at it.

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