When mysterious Ghost Ninjas appear in an old school building, twelve-year-old Jake Matthews must race against the clock to save his school from disaster…

Jake Matthews is an ordinary kid doing ordinary things. At least, he was an ordinary kid doing ordinary things until strange supernatural events started happening at his school…

After discovering an old school building is haunted, Jake and his best friends, George and Indie, attempt to take a photo of the ghosts. When they find a group of Ghost Ninjas, they discover that these aren’t fun and friendly ghosts—the ghosts plan to take over the world!

Jake goes to the police for help, but they don’t believe his story. Desperate to stop the Ghost Ninjas, Jake and his friends battle against the supernatural forces, struggling against the spirits and their powers.

To stop the Ghost Ninjas, to win the battle and save their school, Jake and his friends must take a huge risk. Will the powerful Ghost Ninjas succeed in their quest to rule the world? Or can Jake and his friends save the whole planet from disaster?

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